Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Promotion BOGO on Ravelry

Our wedding anniversary is this month and I'm having a promotion for my two deerstalker hat patterns. DH (pictured above in the Original Elementary) had encouraged me to start designing for years. I finally got started and now have 71 designs on Ravelry.

Elementary was one of my first designs. DH wears it whenever it finally gets cold here in the Heart of Texas. It's knit all in one piece and made in chunky yarn, so it makes a great last minute gift.

In response to several folks asking for a sewn version, I designed Elementary Putting Together the Pieces
Sadly, I could not get DH to model this one. The yarn is incredibly itchy, but looks great. Very tweedy and I love the way diagonal garter stitch looks like woven fabric. Hedda Woodin (designed and crafted by DH, check out his blog Toolmaking Art) is my model and she does not mind the itch. I have some Brooklyn Tweed "Loft" that I will use to make a wearable version for DH.

For the month of November, buy one of the Elementary patterns and I will gift you the other through your Ravelry account.