Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making Motifs

I have been working on patterns of garter stitch bordered with I cord for a while now. I like the finished edge that the I cord gives to garter st and it makes a nice border for modular work.

I'm compiling some of my motif patterns into a bundle. This should be ready soon. I've been sidelined by pneumonia and the 5 hour naps that I suddenly take due to lack of breathing.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

Boston Terrier Motif

The center section is worked first and may win the award for the most embarrassing Knit in Public you will ever work on. The sides are worked from picked up stitches and the ears are worked from the top side stitches. The pattern includes knit on eyes, tongue and stitched on ear detail. This can be used as a potholder or applique. Later, when I can breathe and stay awake, I will post the pattern for slippers in adult and baby size.

This was the motif that started it all:
Dog and bone 1

That's all for now, back to sleepy time.....

Take care and keep your yarn dry.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day and Women's Heart Health Month pattern

My Phat Fiber Sampler Box pattern this month is a tiny heart pin pattern. I call it "Heartfelt Reminder" to commemorate Women's Heart Health Month. I sent kits for the lucky folks who get a box this month. The pattern for sale has instructions for making larger hearts in different weights of yarn.

2 tiny hearts handmade with love

Tiny hearts of fingering weight yarn, just under 1.5" wide and 1.25" long. The pink and purple is my hand dyed from WC Mercantile's ( Merino and Tencel, my colorway "Star Ruby Sapphire and Amethyst". The red is also my hand dyed using Knit Pick's sock yarn base, colorway "Garnets and Rubies". The kits contain yarn, pin back and "Hand made with love" charm.

4 hearts 2 patons classic wool 1 felted 1 unfelted  then 1 red heart doubled then 1 fingering yarn

A grouping of several larger hearts showing felted and unfelted of Paton Classic wool doubled, Red Heart SSWW and a larger version of the fingering weight.

Heart as applique for Oruaka button closure

A larger heart used as an applique backing for an Oruaka button closure for a bag (


Potholder or could be used as a scubbie.

Heart Rug

A rug of doubled Red Heart SSWW. Also in picture, my Krock Socks on Child size 8/9.

Pattern available on Ravelry, search under "Heartfelt Reminder" or "garilynn", just $1!

Late for this year, but you can get a jump on next year!

Take care and keep your yarn dry.

Friday, February 4, 2011

We had snowfall here in the Heart of Texas. School is closed and soup is on the stove.

Here is my latest version of Krock Socks on a bed of snow.
Youth Size 1 Krock Socks  Youth size 1 front view
Front View
Youth Size 1 Krock Socks  Youth size 1 back view
Back View
Youth Size 1 Krock Socks  Youth size 1 side view
Side View

This cuff treatment is garter stitch in the round, with short rows to make a longer cuff for the front. Knit with Lily Sugar N Cream, this size takes 2 skeins.

More sizes coming soon. This one is available now on

Take care and keep your yarn dry.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pattern text as art

Wordle: Krock Socks - Knitted liners for Crocs (TM)

Some word art using the text from my
knitting pattern for Krock Socks.
(pattern available on

Click on the picture to go to and see a larger