Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making Motifs

I have been working on patterns of garter stitch bordered with I cord for a while now. I like the finished edge that the I cord gives to garter st and it makes a nice border for modular work.

I'm compiling some of my motif patterns into a bundle. This should be ready soon. I've been sidelined by pneumonia and the 5 hour naps that I suddenly take due to lack of breathing.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

Boston Terrier Motif

The center section is worked first and may win the award for the most embarrassing Knit in Public you will ever work on. The sides are worked from picked up stitches and the ears are worked from the top side stitches. The pattern includes knit on eyes, tongue and stitched on ear detail. This can be used as a potholder or applique. Later, when I can breathe and stay awake, I will post the pattern for slippers in adult and baby size.

This was the motif that started it all:
Dog and bone 1

That's all for now, back to sleepy time.....

Take care and keep your yarn dry.