Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I cord Cast On - My way

I have tried various I cord cast on methods and have not really liked how they turned out for me. I am very familiar with casting on from a crochet chain. I tried to apply that to an I cord and it worked very nicely.

First, make your 2 stitch I cord chain, the number of rounds of I cord equal to the number of stitches you want to cast on.

Leave the 2 I cord stitches on the needle. Insert a crochet hook in between the 2 stitches of the I cord.

Pull a loop through between the two I cord stitches and place on the needle.

Repeat until desired number of stitches is on needle.

In this case, I'm going to cast on 52 stitches since I'm making my Last minute no purl Hat

I use this cast on method for my Another way to Zig Zag Afghan

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