Saturday, May 1, 2010

Magic Wand Spinning Sticks

The Magic Wand Spinning Sticks were made by DH. Our daughter is a cellist (2nd chair Freshman orchestra, brag, brag) and DH wanted to make a conducting baton for her orchestra director. He had several lovely pieces of osage that he lathed down to what he thought would be an appropriate size. The director wanted something lighter, so he brought the 2 he'd made into our home office.

We watch shows online together in the evening and he would use the batons as Magic Wands, pointing them at me and saying "Poof". Well, pretty soon, enough was enough. I grabbed one and we were in a spell casting duel every night. The sticks were pressed into spinning service and the duel was put on hold. Since he has a third piece of osage, I suspect he will make a new wand for himself.

Yes, we are grown ups and this is how we act. We do have a good time.

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Join us on Ravelry, I created Magic Wand Spinning group recently, because Ravelry did not have enough groups.

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  1. hello there! I wish I could spin, but with this weather, wool is not accesible (almost tropical here)

    Nice meeting you! love the group's name!