Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Join the Dorable KAL!

I've created a Ravelry group for a Dorable KAL:

Buy the pattern (or wait to see if it's in your June Phat Fiber Sampler Box). There will be giveaways! Join in the fun. If you aren't on Ravelry yet, it's free, so sign up today!

Dorable with heart label wrapped as shawl knot in front showing right shoulder

Also working on a garter st center version of the Dorable that I call the "Durable". The pattern will have 3 shapes - elongated hexagon,  triangle and diamond. Here is the Durable Diamond in progress:

Durable Triangle of Interlacements Oregon Worsted Stripe, first half

Many thanks to the fiber partner, Interlacements for this terrific yarn. Check out the website:

Here are some previews of the Durable Diamond (knit of an ebay purchased wool on cones "Lemieux", made in Canada):

Durable Diamond showing edging detail

Durable Diamond wrapped wo pin

Durable Diamond pinned in front folded lengthwise as vest front

Durable Diamond one shoulder secured with pin

Durable Diamond back with two points folded lengthwise

Durable Diamond as long pointed cowl

Pattern for the 3 versions of Durable coming soon!

Take care and keep your yarn dry.

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