Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Unnecessarily Huge knitting needles and crochet hook

Inspired by some meanderings around the internets, I requested that DH make knitting implements in size 50  25mm . Not one for just following directions - I had just requested a simple set of straights, he made a set of straight, 2 DPN, a crochet hook with an eye to make it an afghan hook and a sewing needle. Fans of the Japanese anime "Ranma 1/2" might recall the inspiration for the name of the needles and hooks.

I had originally started a huge version of one of my designs "Gonna be a big star", shown below in worsted weight (pattern available at Gonna be a big star )

I had finished one star section, weighted the yarn and found I would not have enough to finish the star section. I only have 6 pounds of this oatmeal cotton! The finished size would have been about 100". So, ripped back and started a seat cushion:

MIL had expressed a desire for a thin cushion to carry with her on walks to use when she rested. Her retirement community has wrought iron chairs and she wanted something a little more comfortable. This is a close up of the crochet test cushion. I have had DH give it the "princess and the pea" test and I fear that he will keep this one and I will be making another for MIL.

I used my Elastic Plastic Fantastic stitch markers while knitting the first sample, seen here in close up:

These stitch markers work very well on Unnecessarily Huge knitting needles.

Working with these is certainly different. I am used to throwing yarn with my index finger. With size 50 needles, I have to grasp both needles where they cross with my left hand and throw yarn held in my right hand. Somewhat awkward when you are used to flying speeds, but the huge needles and yarn make a fast project.

I made my Unnecessarily Huge yarn as I worked the project:

The yarn on the cone is about a worsted weight. I knit I cord on size 11 needles to make it Unnecessarily Huge yarn. I had only one cone of this particular yarn, so I could not strand it. My process is to knit a few yards of I cord, then secure the size 11 needle with the stitch markers (they cinch up nicely with the barrel cord lock). I pick up where I left off on the project, working until I run out of I cord yarn.

I have many cones of other yarn that will now be put in service to make Unnecessarily Huge yarn. I think I can get rid of some of the "what was I thinking" and "but it's such a good price" purchases. That 100" star will appear someday and then I'll have an excuse to replenish my stash.

I found this site to be inspirational with some nice giant knitting pictures, if somewhat beyond my Italian language skills:

Crowd knitting

DH's blog Toolmaking Art.

Find more of my work at, garilynn on Ravelry or garilynn on Patternfish

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