Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lucky Rabbit Bunny Slippers

Just in time for the Year of the Rabbit:

Knitted Lucky Rabbit Bunny Slippers (inspired by several sources).

Pink bunny with button eyes slippers adult size on Natalie  finished on 011711

Pink bunny with button eyes slippers adult size one on top of the other to show sides  finished on 011711

The movie, “A Christmas Story”:

Ralphie A Christmas Story Bunny PJswith Ralphie's demented bunny footie P.J.'s with attached bunny slippers

the cover of Good Grief by Lolly Winston

Good Grief bunny slippers

and my life long search for bunny slippers that were machine washable, had ears that stood up without the aid of wires, plastic or other breakable things. I wanted them to stand up on their own, ready at all times to be slipped on.

The search is over. These slippers are garter stitch edged with knit on I cord, knit modularly, starting with the bunny head motif for the front. Then, working in one piece, picking up and working the toe end of the sole and sides from the bunny head motif. I cord with elastic cord is worked behind the head and continues along the top edge of the sides. Elastic cord inside the I cord edging keeps the slippers securely on your foot. The sole and sides are worked with decrease for the narrowing of the foot and increases for the slope of the side. Finally, shaping decreases for the heel and a 3 stitch crochet bind off are worked for the center back of the heel.

The models shown are knit in the cast iron of all yarn, Red Heart Super Saver Worsted Weight (RHSSWW) Yarn, substitute at will. I chose RHSSWW because as I have given handknits over the years to my loved ones, they machine wash. Now they all get RHSSWW and I keep the fancy fibers for myself. The gauge is meant to be firm and tight so that the slippers will be durable and hold their shape. Consider Red Heart Worsted Weight if substituting another yarn. Some yarns that are marked at worsted weight may not provide the gauge required, so take a snip of Red Heart with you when shopping for this project for comparison .

Lucky Rabbit Baby Booties:

blue bunny booties

Lucky Rabbit Baby Booties with knit on googly eyes in "Screaming Pink" from

screaming pink bootie with knit on eyes

Adult size with knit on googly eyes

Googly eyed bunny slipper head close up

Row of Lucky Rabbit Baby Booties with (L to R) Suncatcher eyes, embroidered eyes and knit on eyes

screaming pink and blue bunny booties

The pattern, including the Lucky Rabbit Baby Booties, is available on Ravelry, and


  1. Hi, I did not read your entire post, but an wanting to kbow if you sell the dark pink bunny slippers. If so how much would tgey be? My son is 13 and wears a men size 11 or 11 1/2. He looooves these. Thanks 405-229-3422. Kristi