Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No April Showers, but here's some flowers

Howdy from the new Dust Bowl, we're enduring 7 of the driest months on record for our part of Texas. Last summer was brutal, followed by a colder than normal winter. There was snow! Lots of trees died and now all the area around us is tinder dry. And people still flick their cigarette butts out the window.

We have a chance of rain later in the week. I hope it does not pass us by.

To make up for the lack of rain, here are some knit flowers:

Toe rings manicure toe separation 2

Sakura inspired toe rings - great for toe separation when painting your toe nails.

Sakura flower front

Sakura flowers with shorter back loops for attaching to ponytail holders or barrettes. Put thumbtack in the back and it makes a great bulletin board decoration.

Sakura flower backs showing I cord loop

Rings on Fingers

The Sakura flowers were inspired by the crochet pattern "Sakura Motif" by Yoko Johnston. Both her pattern and mine raise money for Japan Relief.

Various sports weight yarns were used for the Sakura Flowers.

Some soothing chamomile flowers:

Chamomile flowers fronts
Chamomile flowers backs showing loops

The yarn used for the Chamomile flowers was created by Sheeps of Egyptian Cotton, sheepsegyptiancotton.etsy.com.

Both patterns are available on ravelry.com for $1 each, search under "Gari Lynn". Proceeds of the Sakura go to Japan Relief.

Thanks for looking.

Take care and keep your yarn dry.


  1. Feeling your rain pain....but the flowers certainly do make it all seem much better!