Monday, May 16, 2011

Online fraud, lightening strike, meeting a Rav buddy IRL and prom

The week ended on a great note:

Natalie and date standing

Natalie and date seated

DD's prom dress finished just as we needed to leave to meet her date for dinner. Date's mother and I said in unison "They look so cute together". They were adorable.

Waiting to drive them to prom, we stopped into a cheap food place for a bite. We saw a woman with this logo on her t shirt:

This is a Johnny Cupcake logo. I thought it was an Eddie Izzard reference - Cake or death. Turns out the lady was the caterer for desserts for the prom. She described the spread of desserts she prepared. I texted DD to not eat dessert at the restaurant.

The prom dress almost wasn't finished in time. We had a big lightening strike on Wednesday that took out computers, modem, network cards, phone lines, our hot water air pot, several electrical outlets and made the TV look really weird. Many $$$ later, we are back to almost normal. The printer still doesn't work right and the network sometimes goes all wonky.

On Monday last, I found a lovely person had stolen my credit card to get him or herself some computer equipment from I informed them, the bank and the police. A fun couple of days working through that.

I'm almost finished with my June Phat Fiber Sample Box pattern. The theme is Science Fiction and I took my inspiration from Robert A. Heinlein's "Time Enough for Love". Here is an early prototype of the pattern:

Dorable prototype stitch detail

I'm working with Miki of Funhouse Fibers on the June pattern. She created some beautiful colorways just for the design.

I met up with Leilani, a fellow Phat Fiber Sampler Box contributor and Ravelry buddy, on Thursday. Geekery ensued as she, myself, DH and Katie of WC Mercantile compared movie quotes and talked about our favorite SF TV shows, movies, books, actors, etc. Leilani volunteered her little dog, Snip for this costume:

Doggie Crane Costume  three quarters facing right

Yes, it is a doggie Crane Costume. Everyone had a great time with the Crane of Holding, pictures soon. Some yarn from WC Mercantile had to come home with me. That happens a lot.

Take care and keep your yarn dry.

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