Friday, January 18, 2013

What the heck is "TFL"?

Working “TFL” as described on Raven Shawl

One of my latest patterns has an instruction "K 2 tog TFL", meaning that you will knit 2 stitches together through front loops. I am a combination knitter, so I have to do a bit of convolution to make the stitches in YO, K 2 tog right leaning mesh have a smooth appearance with the second stitch on top of the final worked stitch.

If you are not a combination knitter, you might be helped by the video that I listed in the Raven Shawl pattern.

Here you are looking at the next 2 stitches to be worked :

The stitch that will be on top of the finished stitch is the second stitch. The two stitches must be turned or worked in such a way for the second stitch to be on top. 

Here the needle tip of the right needle has been inserted from the front of both stitches, going in through the far side of the second stitch and then through the first stitch. 

Another way to work this stitch is to turn the two stitches around, see the loop of the second stitch is in position to be on the top of the stitch to be made:

Here are the two stitches turned around and on right needle and ready to be slipped back to left needle.

The completed stitch

Both methods will result in the correct placement of the stitches to complete YO, K 2 tog TFL.


  1. What is a combination knitter?


    Explanation from a well known combination knitter. Thanks for asking.