Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kitty ear hats, several versions

Pink Kitty ear hats have so much political baggage these days. I am designing and knitting lots of this style, trying to find one that satisfies my obsession with garments that stay put and don't require fiddling with.

Here is my in the round version:

Please excuse the blurriness of the photo, vivid colors cause my camera to lose focus and clarity.

The original  Pussy hat is a strip of knitted fabric beginning with ribbing, an expanse of stockinette stitch and ending with ribbing. I did not care for that for two reasons. First, two long side seams. Second, the cast on and bind off edges would not be the same.

I made a good number of my in the round version:

All of these were made from yarn I already had from "auditioning" pink yarns for a Pinky Pie hoodie for my youngest niece:

(Pictured above - Sleeve detail from Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle hoodies)

I was not happy with the ears of the squared top version and started experimenting.

DH Bob, my long suffering model, is wearing the first side to side version with cuff:

(DH Bob is not just a pretty face, he writes and does woodworking  If you like fantasy books with Fairies, Goblins, Elves, The Fates, lots of references to bluegrass music and a deep and abiding respect for double bass players, check out his series. )

This was still not exactly what I was looking for. The ears would still need some attention from time to time and the cuff would be too hot in the coming months.

I tried a version without a turn up cuff:

The above is a little better, but I wanted stick up and stay up ears. Here is the same design with a slip stitch crochet at the bottom of the ear section:

The latest uses the same basic design of 4 sections in points formed by increases and decreases. The midline section is joined with slip stitch crochet after seaming the back with a 3 needle bind off. Then, the ears are picked up, knit and then edged with I cord.

I'm getting closer, but I still have some issues with this version. I think that the ears may be too fox-like and the I cord edging is not perfect, so that bothers me.

I have almost used up all of the pink yarn I had with these experiments. They are going to good homes soon. I hope to have the pattern for all of the versions on Ravelry soon.

In the meantime, if you want to make the in the round version (free), here is it on Ravelry:

Kitty Ears Hat

All of my designs that I sell are $1 and BOGO.

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