Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rubber Chicken knitted hat

In a previous post, I mentioned that I designed My Little Pony hoodies for two of my nieces. I studied various sources for inspiration and finally decided to watch the series. The series  is funny and intelligent, somewhat like the Bugs Bunny cartoons of my youth. Layers that the adults and the kids will laugh at, but for different reasons.

The Rubber Chicken hat came about because DH Bob joined an improv troupe. This affiliation required a novelty hat. I took inspiration from Cheese Sandwich's (voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic ) sidekick, Boneless and translated that into a knitted version.

I have several chicken designs, being slightly chicken obsessed. We have a greatly reduced flock these days, just 2 Amerucanas left from a thundering mixed flock of 40. Our 5 acres are beautiful, but we have many, many critters who love to eat chickens. Here is a post from DH Bob's blog about our chickens:

Chicken post on

DH Bob is the patient model for many of my daft creations:

DH Bob, among his many talents such as modeling and blogging, has written a 14 book (so far, he is still writing) series of over 1,000,000 words.He also does his own cover art.   Bob the writer Check out the first book at

The Rubber Chicken hat is $1 and BOGO, as are all my patterns in My Ravelry shop

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